Best RV Routes in the US

Traveling by RV is highly rewarding, since you are basically carry your home around with you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you are free to travel long distances without being constrained by schedules. However, in order to make the best out of your RV travels, the best solution is to plan ahead a few great routes, so you can enjoy the best landscapes and experiences our beautiful country has in store for travelers. Here are a few routes to get you started; I personally love these routes and I recommend them to any RV owner looking for great trip ideas.


A trip through California

2If you really want to enjoy scenery and picturesque landscape, I highly recommend planning a trip through California. There are so many places and things to see here, that it would take me an entire day to only talk about it. Since I want to offer you more suggestions than one, I will limit myself to a few recommendations. California is rich in beautiful state parks, so make sure not to miss the Anza-Borrego State Park, the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and, of course, the Yosemite National Park. All these parks are RV friendly, so you will find all you need right there.


Visiting the Rocky Mountains

3You cannot really say you have visited North America, without paying a visit to the majestic Rocky Mountains. Again, there are so many beautiful places to see here that it is hard to draw a single route. However, what I suggest is to dot down on your list the Yellowstone National Park, the Mesa Verde National Park and the National Elk Refuge. Each of these locations could be your home base for weeks, but, with so many other things to see, you will probably have to struggle with the dilemma of traveling forward versus staying and enjoying the beautiful landscapes and fascinating wildlife some more.


Route 66 – do I need to say more?

1There is nothing more iconic for RV traveling than Route 66, and not only because it is the subject of a famous song, but because it is such a great route that everyone should take it at least once in their lifetime. Here is one idea on how to get the best of Route 66: on your way towards your destination, plan to visit some attractions, and leave at least a few for your way back. This way, you will enjoy a complete awesome vacation.

How to Choose the Perfect Garmin RV GPS

Garmin is a company well known for creating GPS units, and their reputation is hard earned. A manufacturer of GPS system for the US Army during the Gulf War in the 90s, it was after the year 2000 that the company started to make commercial GPS units for a general audience. They now design GPS models for a large variety of purposes. There is not one GPS I bought from Garmin that I can truly complain about. However, I strongly suggest getting a Garmin GPS designed specifically for what you have in mind to use it for. That being said, getting the perfect Garmin RV GPS depends on a few things that I will list right away.


Get one with a large screen

If I were to recommend a few characteristics your Garmin RV GPS should have, I’d start with a large screen. Nothing can be more annoying when you are trying to find your way in the dark then having to squint while looking at your screen. Garmin always uses high quality displays in its GPS units, and, for your RV, you can easily get one with a 7 inch screen, brightly lit, so you can travel at night without a problem.


The BaseCamp software

What I personally like having in my Garmin RV GPS is access to the free software called BaseCamp that the company employs on the best models. This little piece of programming will help you plan your routes, so that you never get lost, but there are more things it can do, compared to the regular software on the market. With its help, you can mark pit stops on the map, and you can share your routes with your family and friends, online. A directory containing all the RV parks and RV related services in the US is also supplied, so finding a place to crash is really easy.


About accessories

In my opinion, if you want to be properly prepared for your trips, you need more than just a reliable GPS. Here are the accessories I bought for mtv4my Garmin RV GPS. First of all, I bought a shock resistant mount similar to the one recommend here, so I can place the unit on the dashboard. I liked that I could purchase a compatible backup camera for my GPS, because I prefer seeing what happens behind my vehicle when I drive in reverse, and this can be particularly hard without having an extra pair of eyes at the back, so to speak. A carrying case is another accessory I recommend getting along with your GPS.